Time of the Temptress by Violet Winspear

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The story of romance moved around Eve Tarrant and Wade O’Mara. Eve, debutant of the year, who decided she needed a break from London’s social circle. She volunteered her services to a far-flung place in Africa, to help the nuns in their noble mission to nurse the poverty-stricken locals. After a short while, the town was attacked by insurgents and rebels. Everybody was forced to vacate, some on foot and some by plane. Eve found herself in a situation that she would have to trek the jungle to reach Tanga, the nearest airstrip with the help of a mercenary, Major Wade O’Mara.Her jungle adventure was more than she asked for. The major, who was in charge of her safety, was strict and brute, a hardened man who was focused on his mission to get them back to the civilization alive. There in the jungle, Eve had the chance to see the Major’s other side, a caring, passionate man with a strong will to survive. The brute soldier found the lady had more substance than any other woman he has met in his colorful years. The jungle, with all its madness, was not a place to find love. and the situation that surrounds them: Wade, a mercenary old enough to be her father was married with a son almost as old as she. Eve, rich, pampered and from the world of the high society. Wade was strongly attracted to young Eve, as was Eve to Wade. On their last night together, Eve begged Wade to make love to her. Wade refused with a torn heart. On their final leg of the journey to Tanga, Eve had passed out from a raging infection-induced from a thorn puncture earlier.She woke up much later – back at home with her guardian and a gap in her memory. She could not remember the details of her jungle adventure. Someone had happened to her in the jungle. But she could not remember that person. Eventually, through life’s funny coincidences they reunite and her memory is restored. Wade had been able to conveniently determine that his wife had abandoned him.