Time Distance And Speed

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TIME, DISTANCE AND SPEED and Department al Affiliation Question If a vantravels for a distance of 18 km at an average speed of 75 km/h and then for a distance of 63 km at an average speed of 90 km/h, what is the total time for the journey in minutes, to the nearest minute? (Your answer should be a number, without units.)
Answer: 56
Question 2
Convert the speed of 83 km/h to m/s. Give your answer to the nearest whole number.
(Your answer should be a number, without units.)
Answer: 23
Question 5
A roofer charges a £80 call out charge and then £40 for each hour worked.
Select the option that gives the correct formula for the amount £y of the bill if the work lasts x hours.
Select one:
y = 80x
y = 80x + 40
y = 40x + 80
y = 40x
y = 120x
The answer is:
Question 6
Which of the following inequalities correctly describes the interval shown below?
The diagram shows a horizontal number line going from minus 2 to 2 in steps of 1. A horizontal line is drawn above the number line, with its left hand end above the minus 1, and its right hand end above the 0. The line has a solid circle at its left hand end, and an empty circle at its right hand end.
Select one:
−1 ≤ x ≤ 0