Through the Years

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During those times we had very little worries. Sometimes we thought school work was hard, but we learned in the future that it only gets more challenging during and after the college years. I remember that college was a hot topic of discussion in the last year of high school. We supported each other a lot and the advice of our friends provided great input to help us decide what to study and at which university. Throughout the years our friendship and comradery have not changed. We still care a lot about each other. Social friendship sites such as Facebook have helped a lot of us keep in touch. I like going to our high school page on Facebook to see old pictures of when we were back in high school. I phone call a lot of old high school classmates at least once a month. High school helps built lasting relationships. Over the years we have had many mini-reunions and get together. High school reunions help people renew old friendships (Lamb amp. Reeder). Some of our reunions have been very successful, but in others, attendance has been low. Even those that don’t attend always get a taste of what occurred in the event since it is customary for us to send everyone several videos and photos of the event’s activities. There is a log with the emails of all the members of the 1987 graduation class. All classmates are notified of special events such as reunions. During the last 25 years, the class has held at least one activity every three years. On some years we have had more than one activity. Another medium that was introduced about three years ago was a forum created by one of the classmates who specializes in programming and designing websites. The forum is a great way for us to talk and leave messages for all of us to share. We never forget of any of our friends. Some of the members never attend the activities of the class of 1987 and some are not users of Facebook. We never forget about any of the girls.