Three Issues of Organizational Behaviour

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The topics we have chosen from the context of organizational behaviour are motivation, leadership and organizational politics. We are first going to present the basic concept of each of the three topics of organizational behaviour and then relate them with our real-life examples- at the end. we will conclude our discussion by creating an association with any future actions.First of all, we need to refresh our knowledge and understanding of organizational behaviour. It is an interdisciplinary area meaning, it comprises knowledge and theories of various fields such as psychology, management, sociology and communication. Angeli Kinicki, Robert Kreitner (2009) states that organizational behaviour talks about how an individual will behave in a business environment where he has to interact with colleagues and groups. and also has to face and cope up with certain work-related situations. For instance, maintaining harmony, collaboration and peace when working in teams and groups and coping up with work stress, communication issues, organizational politics, emotions. and then practising mentoring, leadership and certain behaviours in specific organizational situations all come under the roof of organizational behaviour. Organizational behaviour also constitutes management and organizational theories which provide foundation and guideline for the study area.In this essay, we will be discussing the three issues from organizational behaviour and associate each issue with our real-life experiences either personal and work-related. The first issues we have chosen for our discussion is leadership.Ricky W. Griffin, Gregory Moorehead (2010) studies leadership on two approaches: one approach is process-based and the other is property-based. According to the process approach, leadership is the use of influence to direct and coordinate the activities and efforts of organizational members towards the achievement of certain goals.