Three Interests in Leadership

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Thirdly, the HDL 660 seminar has helped me to develop a great interest in being a self-confident and an assertive leader. The HDL 660 seminar has actually made me realize that without having self-confidence a leader will not be able to effectively fulfil his leadership responsibilities. This is because the main responsibility of a leader is to give directions and to guide the people he his leading to achieve the goal and the objectives of the organization that he/she is leading (Terry, 1993). For that reason, therefore, a leader must be self-confident and he/she should be firm enough in his/her decisions. The HDL seminar, therefore, has made me have a great interest in being an assertive leader.
To be able to effectively apply these principles on leadership that I have learnt in the HDL 660 seminar, I will go about exploring and researching the applicability of these leadership principles in the following two ways. Firstly, I read extensively on the application of these principles in leadership. Secondly, I will interview various leaders who exhibit these principles, so as to know from them how they have managed to effectively apply these leadership principles.
Leaders are normally different from other people in the following ways. Firstly, leaders should be genuine in their lives and in their behaviour because of the people they&nbsp.lead to looking up to them as their models.&nbsp.For this reason, therefore, leaders should never lead a double life, because such a lifestyle will make the people they lead to ridicule them and not to take them seriously.