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Introduction The Blue Man Group is a combination of technology, music, and comedy aimed at creating entertainment to defy appeals and categorization of people across ages. In essence, the critics describe the Blue Man Group as energetic, innovative, and wildly entertaining. Indeed, it is the only way that a person can understand their performances through effective show display. The show started in the late 80s by a trio who in 1991 rented a small Off-Broadway Astor Place Theater. It started as a little variety performance that has currently grown into a worldwide phenomenon holding international shows. Within such perspective, no other show that can effectively compete Blue Man Group’s adventurous, entertaining, and ludicrous production. Contextually, the Blue Men do not speak but rather present an innocent and infinitely curious viewpoint of the world around us. The situation allows the performers to alter the show over the years in an attempt to reflect the specific generations. Moreover, they have taken to theming the shows on the human beings’ technology addiction. Hence, it is a great experience to secure a seat amongst the audience and watch the story unfold as the performances progress.
The experience gained via attending the Blue Man Group’s performance
As the performers approached the stage, they passed near the audience wearing blue masks. I could feel some fear in me since they looked scary as I sat in the front seat. They also spread out their hands to reach out to the audience. I yearned to get a touch of the performers, but I could not dare stretch my hand toward the blue masked hands. In this respect, I only stared at them waiting to watch the performance live as opposed to watching a television. After a while, the Blue Men went on stage and started the long awaited ensemble acts.
They seemed more of magicians and collaborative in the acting techniques they employed (Sutton 2:00). Unfortunately, I felt lost, as I could not retrieve myself from getting lost during the first scene. For instance, the Blue Men could stare to one another, and use signs to communicate leaving me in the world of wonders. I kept questioning on what the scene is all about since they could not utter a word. The case left me wondering for the rest of the first scene. In this context, I did not like the acting projected in the first scene because they do not even provide a synopsis to the audience.
The performance became attractive in the proceeding scenes, as the actors seemed concerted in the drumming. The most hilarious of all was the rhythmic sound that came out of their collective effort that sounded as if a single actor was thudding. The sequence with which they played the drums intrigued me because they looked organized and thoroughly trained. The fascinating point was at the peak of the drumming experience where things like flames of fire could be seen as the artists perfected in their concert making them look fabulous in their costumes.
The classical music that reinforced this particular acting style was soothing making me calm while directing my concentration toward the actors. Further, the scenery had a blue painting bringing a perfect match with the costumes worn by the thespians. Indeed, the decor brought aboard a tranquil environment that made me have desire more of the Blue Men’s performance.
The Blue Man Group in Boston made my day through their comical acting. It was a great experience showing up for the live performance by these great entertainers. Despite the fact that they seemed scary at the first look, they are good performers who can make you laugh all the way home. Therefore, it was a good experience being on the show and seeing the Blue Man Group perform live as opposed to silent interpretation through television shows.
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