Thoughts of Becoming a Dominos Franchise Owner

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It is also important to know whether Domino’s performs background checks or credit checks on franchise applicants. The final question for the company is to determine whether there is any assistance from Corporate for struggling franchises in the form of fiscal resources, utility resources or even assisting in vendor or supplier disputes. Each of these questions has a particular legal aspect to it that is important to know and understand before any franchisee attempts to complete any fiscal or legal transaction. Based on the strong reputation and excellent resources provided on the website for franchise applicants, Domino’s likely offers more than just the naming rights to their franchisees. The company has a particular tasting product that requires specific ingredients, cooking materials, and a process that must be followed to keep the product tasting the same for all of its locations. Therefore, Domino’s will likely provide contract opportunities and assist in negotiations with its major vendors and suppliers for new franchisees. Furthermore, this would also suggest that Domino’s provides informational assistance in the very least from its corporate offices to franchise stores. It likely does not offer fiscal or utility assistance, but will definitely require that the franchise meets a specific set of criteria through annual or bi-annual inspections. It is often customary for franchise applicants to show proof of fiscal health and ability for the franchisee to be self-sustaining. Therefore, some form of fiscal proof must be provided to show the company that the individual is able to fund the upstart and continuation of such a business venture. Finally, Domino’s website mentions that applicants must have good credit. therefore, a background check and credit check are likely. This is all critical legal information that must be known before engaging in any business relationship with the Domino’s corporation.