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What are your thoughts??The Christian narrative is a rich chronicle of events as captured in the Holy Bible, from the time of creation, through the fall, redemption, and finally restoration (GCU, 2020). When we consider that the perfect life God had purposed for man at creation fell apart following the original Adam sin, when man disobeyed God’s instruction. it marked the genesis of the suffering, sickness, and death that is the reality of our world today. Throughout the arc of this narrative, one can decipher some parallels with certain aspects of our mortal existence plagued by sickness and disease, and through this perspective, we can discover God’s nature and his purpose and plan for our lives.Starting with the premise that every creation was made perfect and has its place in the universe, just as God planned it, there is nothing that would be more pleasing to God than man coming full circle, back to him from where he started. This part, according to scripture, would be fulfilled ultimately at the return of the Messiah when all of mankind is finally reconciled with their maker (Shelly, & Miller, 2006).Creation and Birth: God made the earth and all that is in it, and when He was done, He was pleased with his creation, because it was perfect. This is the same joyfulness that fills the hearts of new parents at the birth of their new baby who, though born in sin, has not yet been tainted by the vagaries of earthly life. The same hope that God had for man to dwell in shalom and dominate his environment, is the same hope parents have for their children to grow, be great, and make a success of their lives.13/05/20207nursing