Thought Responses

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Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.Prompt 1:Charts or graphs can really help an audience understand a presentation in a snap shot. When going over certain categories like sales or trends a graph is easier for an audience to look at versus listening or reading “sales last year were 90,000 and this year they are 105,000” for group after group. Instead by using graphs and table it allows the audience to take a look and focus in on the areas of concern from there. Key things to keep in mind is to make sure the information is accurate. If the information is not accurate not only are you not giving the audience proper information but a graph may make it more noticeable. The graph should be clean and easy to read. Visual aids are great but if there is too much information or congested the audience could dismiss it. The last thing I keep in mind when using visual aids is to not use to many. While a visual aid can be helpful if there is too many it can also take away from the presentation. The audience may just flip through look at the images and assume they know what it is in the body of the paper or presentation.Prompt 2:When presenting information no matter whether it is in the work place or in school settings, the most effective way is through using charts and graphs. Personally, charts and graphs can explain a lot of information with little words. Using charts and graphs are the most effective when doing comparing and contrasting. It definitely helps with problem solving! When dealing with time, money, or just numbers period, it helps with showing gaps as well as the increase and decrease of information. Charts and graphs show you how many parts that can make a whole, which can be used within different concepts. In high school I always enjoyed presentations! When there was a presentation I just knew there would be a bunch of charts and/or graphs. Graphs attract your attention with how big it is and the many different colors that separates the different information that is displayed. When using graphs and charts to display information is a quick and easy way to put information together when you sum it up. You can point out the major points and explain the details in your own words. It also helps with knowing your information is correct, because charts and graphs have to be explained properly.15/05/20207businessfinance