This Is For My Analysis Of Economic Data Class Eco 3431

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X1. X2, X3, and X4 are normally distributed random variables: X1 ~ N(0,0), X2 ~ N(0,1), X3 ~ N(1,0), and X4 ~ N(1,1). The variable(s) which follow(s) a standard normal distribution is (are) l: . Y1, Y2. and Y3 are normally distributed random variables. Use the normal cumulative distribution function to answer the following questions. If y1 ~ N(5,9), Pr(Y1 55.5) = If Y2 ~ N(15,25), Pr(Y2 gt;10) = If Y3 ~ N(29,16), Pr (20 S Y3 540) =
(Round your answers to four decimal places.) Out of the above, the variable(s) which has (have) a skewness value of zero and a kurtosis value of 3 is (are) l: . all of the above none of the above Economics