This Is A Study Guide About Diffusion And Osmosis Ignore The Question That Asks About Molecular Size But I Would

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tonicity solutions
Relationship of molecular size/weight to how fast it can diffuse
o Cells in a quot;bathing solutionquot; will refer to water movement and osmosis
o Understand how changing concentration is related to hyper- and hypotonicity.
Example: water in the ocean measures calcium saturation 20 ppt at the equator, and 30 ppt
at latitudes 20 north and south; as such, the water at the equator is hypotonic in
comparison to the water 20 N/S. Conversely, water 20 N/S will be hypertonic to the water
at the equator
o Be able to estimate/approximate molarity of an unknown based on a best fit line of known
molarities and weight change (similar to the quiz and what you did in the lab)Science