This Is A Polymer Chemistry Question! Please Draw Explicit Reaction Mechanisms )

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1. Polyesters are polymers with the following repeating carboxylate group in their
backbone ch
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Polyesters are typically synthesized by esterification reactions which can be generalized
by the following reaction (though be aware this is general and not absolute):
-C-O-X + : N
– O-N + : X
Where X is a leaving group and :N is a nucleophile.
Draw the reaction mechanism for the esterification reaction involving
(1) An organic acid and an alcohol
(2) An organic ester and water
(2) An organic acid chloride and an alcohol
(4) Describe two reasons that obtaining high MW polyester is difficult.
(5) Polyamides can be made by mixing diacids with diamines. The bond forming
mecahnism shares some similarity to polyester reactions. What is the rate order of
polyamide polymerization?Science