Third Party Logistics (3PL)

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It refers to outsourcing the service from another organization. The service is rendered on their behalf this has been effective in a way that all the company saves on cost. They are all provided under the supply chain management and they defer in services provided. The practice has been adapted by many organizations and business with the aim of saving on cost. Introduction Determining how outsourcing logistic service is more effective in the supply chain is the main aim of the study. How it’s created the issue of completion and effectiveness (Wisner, 2011). The process of evaluating the best in logistic service provider will be studied and evaluated. Procedures and criteria of the selection process will be laid and stated upon. A study was carried with the aim of providing a process and suggesting on the method of selecting the best in the industry. Evaluation was done on firms that have engaged on the practice. Methods used in the study and ways forward will be discussed. The study will try and discuss the merits and demerits of the company under research (Blanchard, 2010). The third party logistic will also be put in under scrutiny on how it operates and eventually propose a way forward. Best channels will be laid on how to conduct third party logistic economically laid. Determination of key players in the logistic industry will be laid down and their role in ensuring smooth service delivery studied as well (Gibson amp. Novack, 2008).Different roles of the logistic in service delivery will be investigated. The process of selection and how effective it is will be discussed. Abbreviation 3LP refer to the study refer to third party logistic. Literature review The concept of third party logistic is a new trend supply chain management and has been adapted by the many in the business sector. They include the activities of the warehouse which include packaging, value addition and storage. Transport and handling of goods is also a function of logistic. It expands beyond this and lay emphasis on it being a management function. It entails many phases which are determined by the policies laid upon by the given firm (Shah, 2009). They usually include logistic as a specialization, it being a coordinated function, it being a process and as a function in supply management. Of which they are interested in material flow and distinctly. The new trend in logistic is the third party logistic which entails outsourcing. it entails seeking for the services of a different organization to aid in the functions of supply chain management. This enables the company focus on the external environment which includes the competitors and the other services performed by the outsourced organization. It usually comes with its success and down f all as well, it may either affect the brand loyalty or promote it depending the rights given by the outsourced company in service delivery (Wisner, 2011). Data and methodology In an effect to determine the effectiveness of the third