These Are Organic Chemistry Questions? Can You Help With

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1. Give the names and structures of two functional groups in organic chemistry that are acidic.
2. A mixture contains the following three compounds:
An ether solution of this mixture is extracted with sodium bicarbonate solution to form
aqueous layer A and organic layer B. The organic layer B is then extracted with sodium
hydroxide solution to form aqueous layer C and organic layer D. Both solutions A and C
are separately treated with hydrochloric acid to give solutions E and F respectively. Give
the structure(s) of the organic solute(s) present in A, B, C, D, E, and F. Explain. Include a
flow diagram.
3. Write an expression for the acidity constant, Ka, for benzoic acid, C6HCOOH, in terms of
4. Suppose you do not know which layer in your separatory funnel is the aqueous layer, and
you have no information about the density of the solvent, how could you determine which
is the aqueous layer?Science