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+ Kinetics and Activation Energy
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The gas-phase reaction of NO with F2 to form NOF and F
What is the rate constant at 619 .C ?
has an activation energy of Ea = 6.30 kJ/mol and a
frequency factor of A = 6.00×108 M-1 . s 1 . The reaction is
Express your answer to three significant digits with the appropriate units. For compound units, place a multiplication dot between units (e.g.
believed to be bimolecular:
J . mol ] . K-1).
NO(g) + F2(g)-NOF(g) + F(g)
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where NO is a free radical. Free radicals, species with an odd
number of unbound electrons, tend to be more reactive. This
1 ?
is one reason by NO reacts so readily with gases such as
fluorine or oxygen gas.
k =
Part B
Draw the Lewis structure for NO.
Draw the molecule by placing atoms on the grid and connecting them with bonds. Include all nonbonding electrons.
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