There are many projects known to the public which have received attention by the media because of their perceived failures Select a wellknown project and conduct research into its perceived failures

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This particular project aimed at the modernisation of the corporation’s production by designing a connected network between the digital productions along with the media assets to assist staff members when sharing, developing and using videos and/or audio materials (BBC, 2013). Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper planning and confusion, the project was eventually closed in the year 2013 even before being completely functional, owing to BBC’s management board’s perceived failure (Charette, 2013).Emphasising this particular instance of project failure, this study intends to discuss about the reasons behind the failures of project management by comparing with the various relevant literature studies based on the similar aspect. Additionally, the study will also reflect about the recommendations on the basis of the effective project management theories. The study will also focus on the implementation of the effective project management for deriving positive outcomes and reduce the increased rate of project management failures.BBCs DMI project failure depicts managerial confusions along with the improper planning framework as the principle reasons for project breakdown. Accordingly, it has been observed that failure in having a proper understanding of the project, but the execution team as well as the manager was another reason accountable for the failure of the DMI project. On further note, the BBC’s Chief technology officer, Mr. John Linwood was dismissed due to the failure of the DMI project, indicating a major proportion of liability to be held by the management team of the project for the loss company had to bear in consequence. The project, DMI, was developed with a view to reduce the inefficient use of video tapes by BBC staff, which required new in-house tools to be developed. The entire plan concentrated on the formulation of a new in-house tool to support the system,