Therapeutic Communication

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While communication itself is the process of transmission of messages and the interpreting of their meaning, during therapeutic communication, a caregiver seeks to communicate with empathy and elicit such responses from the patient which will be beneficial to his or her well being. Therapeutic communication is geared towards promoting the well being of the patient through communication and interpretation of both verbal and non-verbal cues. It is especially useful in the field of nursing and in the care of patients who may face chronic health conditions.

I began my literature search by first identifying the appropriate electronic bibliographic databases using the Gale Directory of Databases. An initial search conducted on Google with the search words “therapeutic communication” yielded an excellent article titled “Using therapeutic communication to connect with others” by Melanie Sears, an article which had also appeared in the Home Health Nurse Journal. This search on Google also pulled up two books by Deborah Antai-Otong, which dealt specifically with therapeutic communication techniques, such as active listening and the need to deal effectively with confrontation. Another useful book that was searchable online and which was pulled up by searching Google using the search term “Therapeutic Communication” was a book by Rick Daniels, who also discusses the various strategies used in therapeutic communication. These books were used in this study because they constitute useful primary sources dealing with therapeutic communication.

I searched all recent editions of the British Medical Journal by going to the website at and using the search term “Therapeutic communication” and “nursing communication.” Many papers were pulled up which were not relevant, the only useful one was an editorial by Lorraine E Ferris titled “Intimate partner violence.” The BioMed site was searched using terms such as “communication$”, “nursing$”, &nbsp.“Therapeutic communication$”, and yielded another useful study which was conducted by Cyna et al (2006) on pregnant women, using therapeutic communication methods.&nbsp.