Therapeutic Activity to the Psychiatric Patient

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The patients admitted to this ward are from prison and at times it is highly risky for staff to manage them because of their background and higher aggression. The reason behind the behavior of such patients is the lack of therapeutic activities for them as well as their psychological disorder. This also leads to slow and timely improvement in their behavior and mental condition. We are designing a plan to start therapeutic activities in the ward. It not only helps the staff to overcome the challenges faced by them while their treatment but also brings positive &amp. healthy results on the overall mental treatment of the patients. Our designed plan has several activities in the ward which can be implemented and monitored through staff and doctors and analyzed on a weekly basis.
While critically reviewing the problem by recommended information and our detailed research models, including interviews and observations we analyzed that there is a lack of any activities for the patients. As patients are from prisons and are suffering from severe mental disorders, we observed that the aggression level is higher in them. Sometimes the staff has to face several risks while treating them. These make staff job challenging and the recovery of such patients is slow and steady. We have interviewed the staff members and analyzed that at times the patients go out of control and refuse to have any treatment which discourages the moral of the staff. We are of the opinion that the patients have some therapeutic activities in their ward so that they can lower their aggression, takes interest in life, and surroundings and develop a constructive mental approach. The patients get sick of tired of the environment and the treatment. They need a change and some new activities which help them to recover from such psychological disorders.
With a thorough analysis of the problem, we find that the patients are sick and tired.