Theory Application and Evaluation

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Jimmy is suffering from various ailments and perhaps unable to understand the complications of her disease. First of all, the nurse needs to develop a trusting relationship with her. A trusting relationship will help establish Jimmy’s faith in the system and create hope in her mind.According to Watson, a humanistic-altruistic system of values begins growing at an early age from parents and family members. This grows further through own life experiences and surroundings. It is an important quality and a basic foundational need for those who want to devote themselves to the nursing care. (Watson, 2007)A nursing person with an altruistic attitude is very much required while providing care to the patient such as Jimmy who is not only suffering from the intense pain due to Kaposi Sarcoma lesion in her leg but also suffering from pneumocystis pneumonia-causing her a lot of distress.A sense of faith and hope is largely inculcated by those who are in the close care of the patient most of the time. The patients see caretaker as a bridge between them and doctors. Doctors do provide the cure but it is the nurse that kindles hope and faith within the patient. In the absence of hope and faith, the cure is not likely to bring the desired results. Though Jimmy being an AIDS patient, the hopes of her getting fully cured are negligible but still, hope and faith created in her mind is a necessity and at times, it can do the miracles. And who else can create the hope and faith in Jimmy better than a nursing caretaker! (Watson 2007)Sensitivity is an important attribute as prescribed by Watson and also necessary for self-growth. It makes nurse authentic in her dealings and cares with the patient.