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The goal of this project is to expand the level of understanding of psychology’s prominent theorists and their contribution to the science.  Here are the directions for your paper/presentation:1. Sandra Bem2. If your theorist is discussed in our textbook, read the material about your theorist in our textbook and then locate 3 additional sources of information about your theorist that are not located within the textbook. Cite them on your reference page in APA format. The reference page will go at the back of your paper.  Use these resources in your project.3. This PPT presentation will include information previously unknown to the professor and colleagues in your class.  Find the most interesting information you can.  Embedding your creativity into a PPT.4. There is a 10-slide minimum for the presentation.5. Individually or with your group members, decide how you will present this theorist.  Using PPT as the format for the project, you are to add in video clips, interviews, pictures, etc. that make the theorist come alive to us.  Include information that most people would not know about the theorist. For example, what motivated them to conduct their particular area of research?  Who were they married to? How did they die?  You many not just simply create a PPT slide presentation. It has to be engaging.6. References need to be on each of your PPT slides.  Follow APA Style.7. You are to be creative when presenting your theorist in this project.  You can use any media that is available as long as it can be inserted into a PPT.  However, you must keep it clean in the classroom.8. This presentation is to be adequately edited before it is submitted for grading.9. You will submit at least a three-page paper.  Your paper will have a title page with each group member’s name on it.  Each group member will submit their group’s paper individually.  Your paper will include a discussion of your theorist’s most prominent psychological theory and why this theory is important.  You will include a section in your paper on how their contributions to this science have made an impact.  This should be no more than two pages.  The next page will be a detailed outline for your project.  Your paper will include a reference page done in APA format with at least three references you and/or your group used for the project.  The paper is to be written in APA format.  Make sure it is edited before submitting the paper.10. Be creative with your PPT presentation.  Find out information the regular psychology student would not know.  MOST OF ALL…HAVE FUN!