Theories Concepts and Models of Public Policy Making

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In today’s world, the government does not always act public policy suggested by the public, but those they feel benefit them. The legislative body makes public policy and has the power to make any changes or amendments. The public in some cases can participate in forming the public policy (Cobb, 2013). The public policy making system must consider both the public and private interests for it to be implemented effectively. The public policy must ensure that the weak are not exploited by those with power, and at the same time ensure that the privacy concerns are addressed to avoid driving away investors. It is the role of the government to ensure that both the public and private concerns are met in the policymaking process (Birkland, 2014). In conclusion, the public policy is of significance to any state. it enables the country’s activities to run smoothly and ensures no one is exploited. Public policies should comprise of both public and private concerns of the people to be operative and avoid conflicts.