Theoretical Perspective Conceptualization

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Relative to Ms. Client’s situation, the whole idea is related to her situation and the therapy can be used as an appropriate intervention. In addition, according to this therapy, unrealistic and negative thoughts are believed to be the main cause of distress and then later on result into problems. Like Ms. Clients, reaction towards her eight years old sibling is a bit exaggerated. It portrays poor interpretation of the situation and her reactions. This is a clear sign of psychological distress, which makes her interpret certain events in a skewed manner. The results are court charges with two counts. This therapy thus helps people of this kind to be aware when making negative interpretations and note the behavior patterns which strengthens this distorted thinking. Actual core issues The actual core issues in this case were that Ms. Client a 13 year old was brought before court for charges of simple assault (domestic violence – two counts) of which she pled getting involved in one. The court awaits her hearing. in the meantime, she was taken for psychological examination and the psychologist indicated that she was suffering from Post Traumatic stress disorder and a mood disorder. This is probably from the quarrels she picked from her parents who used to quarrel from time to time when she was young before parting ways. The therapy is thus to suggest various ways through which Ms. Client can find intervention for her problems. Identify Ms. Client’s issues as it relates to the Cognitive Behavior Therapy concepts Ms. Client just as the psychologist indicated could probably be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and mood disorders, a situation that makes her over reactive to certain phenomenon hence resulting in troubles. She is charged with two cases of assault, one on her eight year old sister Ethel and on her mother who she punched several times on the face. She is then brought before a court, which is trying to determine the course of her behavior and reactions. A review of her past is then made relative to people around her. According to cognitive behavior therapy concepts, it is believed that an individual’s thoughts greatly determine their behaviors and feelings. Thus, for Ms. Client to react the way she did, there are possibilities of a bitter past behind her, which significantly contributes, to her high levels of distress. Her reactions from fighting with her little sister to punching her mother can be well analyzed through this theory. Theory-Based Description of the Underlying Causes of the Presenting Concerns The cognitive behavior theory can attempt to interpret Ms. Client’s reaction through its concepts in the manner in which a person’s perception can influence their feelings and behavior. For Ms. Client’s case, she has had a past that is quite conflicting. her father used to quarrel with her mother when she was still young and at some point, her father slapped her mom. Later on, they separated when she was eight. This chain of actions could have led to development of unrealistic and the negative thoughts, which could probably have contributed to her distress especially towards her mother (Freeman, 2007). Consequently, her conflicts with the little sibling Ethel could probably result from the love and affection that the mother shows her. She describes Ethel as spoilt, despite getting along together well. Rom the case study it is