Theft of a Walking Stick Belonging to the John Lewis Partnership

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Mr. Olmeda contacted his colleague in the video control room to have the camera operator focus on Mr. Wearn.&nbsp. Mr. Olmeda then witnessed Mr. Wearn take a walking stick.&nbsp. Mr. Wearn camouflaged the walking stick and made a speedy exit through the front of the store without stopping to pay for the item. Mr. Olmeda followed Mr. Wearn all the way to the main concourse area inside Brent Cross shipping centre. Mr. Olmeda took hold of Mr. Wearn’s arm and cautioned him that he was the store detective and that he watched him remove a walking stick and exit the door without paying for it.
Mr. Olmeda asked Mr. Wearn to step inside the store with him while he contacted the store manager, Mrs. Linda Levison. Mr. Olmeda retrieved the walking stick from Mr. Wearn when he stopped him outside of the store. Mr. Wearn repeatedly shouted obscenities while on the way to the store manager’s office, Mrs. Linda Levison’s office. Mr. Olmeda explained to Mrs. Levison what had just transpired and handed her the walking stick. The store manager, Mrs. Linda Levison, phoned the police who arrived at 12.50 hours. Mr. Olmeda explained what had transpired and then he returned to his post.
Mrs. Linda Levison is the store manager for John Lewis, Bent Cross, London. On 8 December 2010, Mrs. Levison was met in her office by the store detective, Javi Olmeda. Mr. Olmeda informed her that he had apprehended Mr. Joseph Wearn for taking a walking stick from the store without paying for it.
Mrs. Levison took Mr. Wearn, who was escorted by the store detective, Javi Olmeda, to her office. She proceeded to call the police who arrived on or about 12.50 hours. This is pursuant to the store policy of contacting the police whenever a theft is alleged. According to Mrs. Levison, the alleged perpetrator, Mr. Wearn was crying while they awaited the police to arrive. Once the police had arrived, Mr. Olmeda, the store detective, recounted the allegation and returned to his post.