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The Effects of Media Violence on BehaviorThe topic effects of media violence on behavior is aimed at establishing how the consumption of violent content alter or build our behaviors especially in the younger generation, the adolescents. Considering the fact that almost in every media there is violence, action movies (movies in general), video games (Grand Theft Auto), YouTube and other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. All these platforms are where we spend most of our time and one is likely to come across a violent content on a daily. Therefore, if this happens in couple of days in a year it means that this violent portrayal in the media will become the new reality. What does this mean, it means that the entertainment industry pushes violence in each one of us and especially the younger demographic. Who might grow up with some psychological conditions that might be developed from being exposed to violence either virtual or real life violence.Therefore, this topic is relevant and relevant to the society mainly because, of the concern of psychological development of the younger generation. A good example is the Columbine Tragedy, a mass shooting in ahigh that left 15 students dead and 21 individuals injured. The forensics officers and psychiatrists linked the behavior of the suspects from the exposure to violent video games and violent music. While it might not be taken seriously but media violence can harbor violent tendencies in individuals who have predisposed conditions, such as psychopathy and depression and suicidal conditions.The aspects of the topic that will be the main focus, is how virtual or comic violence can pass through the brain as real-life violence. Why does the people affected do not know how to distinguish between virtual violence and real-life violence?BibliographySchildkraut, J., & Muschert, G. W. (2019).Columbine, 20 years later and beyond: Lessons from tragedy. ABC-CLIO.This resource will be used in the paper as it will help to dissect through the columbine tragedy and explain how violent media was responsible for the mass shooting in this school. Although there will various instances, this particularly is important as it is the first case dealing with adolescents that violent media or video games were tied to the violent tendencies of the adolescents.Bender, P. K., Plante, C., & Gentile, D. A. (2018). The effects of violent media content on aggression.Current opinion in psychology,19, 104-108.This source on the other hand will be instrumental in establishing the effects of violent media content on aggression. This source does not have a particular age group but the better as it will help to understand the phenomenon better when all age groups are involved. This article will be useful and resourceful as it comprises of current opinion in psychology meaning that the information that is passed through is not outdated as it will resonate with modern forms of violence such as through the VR machines something that was not there 10 or 15 years ago.Holmgren, H. G., Padilla‐Walker, L. M., Stockdale, L. A., & Coyne, S. M. (2019). Parental media monitoring, prosocial violent media exposure, and adolescents’ prosocial and aggressive behaviors.Aggressive behavior,45(6), 671-681.This article on the other hand will look at a different angled of the matter and particularly parental media monitoring, whereby the parents are in charge of what media content the children consume. This is somewhat a remedy of avoiding the aftermaths of exposure to violent media to children or growing teenagers. Providing remedy such as the prosocial exposure to violent media and prosocial aggressive behaviors in adolescents.Intro/topic 71/80 Effects of media violence on behavior is a solid topic with lots of research on it. This means you can be picky when looking for sources. Look for those that have been cited a lot by other researchers. With the OU library (and many others) physically closed, it will be important to make sure you have electronic access to the full articles. Getting access to books will be trickier now, too. Source quality 24/30 I asked for four sources; you have three so far. The Bender et al. (2018) is just four pages long. It is presumably a brief literature review itself rather than original research. Also, it does not appear OU has access to this particular journal. The one about parent mediation could be solid. Source relevance 25/30 Two of your three sources are relevant. The book on Columbine briefly mentions media violence a couple times as a possible contributing factor, but it is not about media violence, nor is it research about media violence. Summaries 51/60 In summarizing research, it is important to focus on your source’s findings, because a literature review is about what researchers have learned about a topic.