The World Trade Organization

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The World Trade Organization wants to remain unbiased and without any judgments which are ill-timed and out of sync with its charter. The World Trade Organization is meeting its goals and objectives which it has set for the nations, however, the same can easily be said for the nations which are influential and which have an important role in the global fraternity. Hence this can be seen as a positive from the domains of the World Trade Organization (Berberoglu 2005). The negative aspect of the World Trade Organization is that the not so rich countries are at loggerheads with this organization on a consistent basis, and thus the reason that there are serious disparities in the working of this global body. The critics, therefore, pinpoint the latter point because they believe that the drawbacks offered by the World Trade Organization are so severe that there are no chances for reverting back the time and hence bringing about any sanity within the relevant ranks.