The World of the Shaman

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Yoga attempts to set the mind in a thoughtless zone. This meditative tradition explores the ancient wisdom that an unseen energy flows through all beings and is connected directly to the quality of life. B trapping that life force, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being can be ensured. Although the process is spiritual in nature, i is not confined to any religion. Te Yoga masters suggest that it is necessary to have a clear perception of the Self. Unless one recognizes the inherent energy, the pilgrim’s progress towards eternity will obstruct.

According to Robert M. Hff, a shaman “may have received” his “calling to become a shaman as a result of a near-death experience in which” he was “carried into the spirit world and met teachers who helped them to learn healing songs, medicines, ad revelations about the future. A shaman may also be born into the role, o be trained for it after demonstrating some special aptitude for healing. ”Every generation expects someone to take on the role of the shaman. Michael Harner tells us that ‘Shaman’ that originated in Siberia.

I mean one who can see with eyes closed or in the dark. The Shaman can be either a man or a woman. The chief role that the Shaman plays is that of a healer, he knows the pragmatic techniques of diagnosis. Another important role of the Shaman is dealing with the spirits because he is the one who can retrieve lost souls and banish the intruding souls. Davidson, his book Gods, and Myths of Northern Europe, wites, "he shaman acts as intermediary the world of men and the gods, the ad has the power to descend into the realms of the dead.

His spirit is believed to journey forth from his body, which remains in a state of trance. Sometimes the long journey which it takes is described by him in a chant. A significant role of the shaman, according to Mircea Eliade, i that of a custodian of the community soul-force or what he calls the “psychic integrity”. The Shaman helps those possessed by evil spirits be free from the influence. H the spirits of the dead to the proper place and makes sure that no one captures that soul and enslaves.