The Works of Scott Momaday Culture Shock

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We begin with a story comprising of two close friends, Amy and Jeehynum, who have had similar experiences in high school. In the beginning, the two friends separated, and one travelled to Korea. It is apparent that the two have been friends from their childhood days, and their friendship culminates in high school, at a stage where their lives are close together. The future is uncertain, and the two do not know what to expect when they relocate to a different environment. For Amy, she has a different experience in regards to her college life, which makes her get filled up with mixed reactions, as events unfold. However, she starts off nicely, gets new friends and finally begins to catch up with the new environment. For Jeehyun, college years have been tough, and most of the times she would often try to assimilate into the environment with no much progress. It is evident that the two friends are experiencing culture shock. a situation in which a person feels disoriented as a result of being exposed to a new way of life. There are many causes, of this scenario, the notable and most familiar one being, when an individual is exposed to a foreign land (Ward, Bochner, and Furnham). Culture shock is addressed in four defining stages, these are honeymoon, negotiation, adjustment and mastery. The honeymoon stage comprises of a healthy view of the differences that are evident in the subjects. The strange land at this stage seems to be good and at times adventuress. It is at this stage, where the subjects would find nationals that are familiar and at times speak their language.