The War on Drugs

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The war on drugs In essence, drugs are so common in the society that, many countries have concentrated much on the war on drugs. For instance, it has been one of the greatest follies in America, in which a lot of resources have been spent to enforce drugs laws. The war on drugs is the prohibition of illegal drugs borne in mind. they have severe effects to human beings. It is a documented fact that to stop cocaine and heroine from being used, it is significant to eliminate its source (Chepesiuk 22 ). In this context, the war on drugs is a campaign being undertaken by the United State to define and eliminate illegal drugs. In response to this, the initiative on war on drugs is significant in many countries, and many are working so diligently to ensure they fight illegal drugs. For instance, Canada has worked hard to issue policies on war on drugs. In 2001, Canadian Court of appeal issued a drug law disapproving the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Furthermore, it was realized that, the use of marijuana could lead to health problems, hence it was vital to fight its use. The war on drugs continues to be a contentious issue. There are those opposing, and others proposing. In this context, most states are working diligently to ensure that they fight the use of illegal drugs. In facts, the United States has the highest number of drug dealers. Most people are jailed for drugs correlated crimes. As a result, this has been a waking call for the American government to impose laws for the war on drugs. The major focus of war on drugs is to keep off most people particularly young people from using illegal drugs. As discussed previously, the war on drugs has been a controversial and ongoing debate globally. Nevertheless, most countries have implemented laws to prevent drug abuse. Categorically, this paper has discussed the subject. the war on drugs. In great insight, the essay has outlined how various countries have implemented polices that prohibit illegal drugs usage. Often, the war on drugs has been to prevent health effects, crime, and corruption. When prohibition of illegal drug is in effect, it prevents many from abusing drugs. With this in mind, implementing drug laws is exceptional in the War on drugs. Work citedChepesiuk, Ron. The war on drugs: an international encyclopedia. London: ABC-CLIO, 1999, Print.