The War against Jews

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A series of emergency decrees were declared in Germany. Hitler suspended many civil rights such as freedom of press, speech, and assembly.He created half-truths that strengthened German pride by blaming all their troubles on Communists and Jews. From the Nuremberg Laws in 1935 to Kristallnacht in 1938, Hitler slowly detached Jews from German society. Under the cover of World War II, the Nazis created a detailed and exhaustive system to work Jews as slaves and exterminate them.The core concept of Nazism is that the German Volk is under attack, and must become united, disciplined and self-sacrificing, in other words, they must submit to Nazi leadership, in order to win against this nefarious Jewish plot to subjugate the German nation. Ultimately, the Nazis sought to create a largely homogeneous and autarchic ethnic state, absorbing the ideas of Pan-Germanism.According to Hitler’s ideology Germans descended from Aryans and were pure-blooded and superior to all other races thus had the right to rule over them. The Nazis claimed that other races, such as the Slavs and the Poles, were lesser beings fit only to serve the Aryans. The Jews were, even lower than the Slavs. Hitler held that Aryans were the builders of society while Jews were parasites fit only for annihilation. This bigotry had a political scheme as well. Hitler blamed the Jews for the defeat of World War I, which he termed the stab in the back and made the focal point of his propagandas.The Jew remained our implacable enemy and attempted everything to dissolve our Volk so that he could rule. That why we must fight until he is annihilated, and we will annihilate him! We want to be free, not only from within but also from without!The Volk only identified with people of similar German origin. Those not of that origin was not Volk. The Jews in particular were seen as coming from nowhere. They were outsiders with no relation to the land they occupied.