The Vision of the Globally Integrated Enterprise

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The various compensation, rewards and incentives programs designed By IBM have facilitated the organization to draw quality and skilled workforce and maintain workplace satisfaction of the existing employees. Furthermore, the monetary and non-monetary incentive programs practiced by IBM have facilitated the organization to prevent competent and quality employees from leaving the organization along with motivating them to perform dedicatedly in the workplace. The benefit programs have enabled the organization to foster and deliver enhanced employee development. Furthermore, the benefit programs of IBM have facilitated the organization to profitably respond to the rapidly altering market and industry trends. The benefit programs have also facilitated IBM to maintain a skilled and agile workforce within the organization. The increased level of employee satisfaction within the organization has enabled IBM to quickly and effectively meet the supply and demand scenario as well as positively manage and develop costs and other revenue generation prospects associated with its performance (Boudreau, 2010). These factors have had a deep-rooted impact on IBM’s attainment of being on the ‘Best Places to Work For’ list.