The Various Layers of Modern Existence and RealityIllusion Conflict in Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie

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If the layers of meaning, incorporated with these devices cannot be perceived then it remains just a work of imagination, far removed from reality.The modernist literary trends, compared to the Romantic and Victorian era, have expressed a different level of mastery infusing the elements of fancy and mundane. While in the earlier times, most of the literary artists used to churn out symbols and metaphors from the imaginative world, the modernists started using these literary devices from the general course of life, incorporating within those the colors of fancy with the intention of providing an imaginative dimension within the mundane. The devastation and immense brutality of the two consecutive world wars cast such prevailing impact over Western socio-cultural discourse that representation of the mundane took a further crude form. On one hand, people had to encounter the tiring, inescapable pangs of reality and on the other spontaneity of human fancy excited them to enjoy the escape to a land of eternal bliss: on one hand, there was a random derogation of basic values towards life and moral and on the other natural human inclination towards faith, human fellowship, and humanity.Thesis Statement: Tapped within a crucial phase of human existence, several immortal pieces of literature were created that incorporated the aesthetics of human dilemma and modernist existential angst. Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, the earliest of his major dramatic creations, is one of the most brilliant examples where the dramatist has brilliantly expressed elements of human transience, from extremely mundane to fancy, from real to surreal.Compared to the other plays by Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie definitely lacks the elements of typicality. Violence and sexuality, which are also considered by most of the literary and sociological scholars as an important feature of the postmodern, especially post-Great War II, existence, are surprisingly missing.