The Various Issues and Challenges MDCM Inc

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Time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced environment and the business information system of a firm plays a very crucial role in its long-term success.The use of digital information systems provides a lot of data-based information readily available for decision making and removes much of the guesswork. Many managers are often frustrated because the lack of accurate data can stifle giving the right answers sometimes to even very simple questions and secondly, they can be made accountable for things beyond the control of anybody. A good BIS should also be aligned to a firms business strategy and long-term corporate planning processes. This will ensure there is a congruence between investment in IT resources with the firms overall business strategy. Investments in BIS or IT projects are to take into account all the costs involved and justify its business case through an analysis of the expected benefits (cost-benefit ratio) although there are some things which are very hard to quantify in a very specific manner. Examples of the expected long-term but often intangible benefits include new or emerging business opportunities, improved customer relationship that ensures loyalty, better goodwill and stronger supplier tie-ups (Leon 41).This paper examines the various issues and challenges MDCM, Inc. has been facing lately. There are many problems it has to tackle, some very urgent and others requiring a more long-term outlook. The firm had been on a rapid expansion phase in the previous years due to its avowed strategy of growth by acquisitions. However, this fast-paced externally-orientated growth strategy brought with it a lot of problems when the industry it is in the face some changes brought about by certain forces outside its control.