The Validity of Perception

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This is because perceptions that are deep habitually draw attention. Organization of what people perceive is paramount in the creation of reality. This is because the selected information should be arranged in a way which is meaningful so as to make sense to the world. Interpretation and negotiations are necessary to realize a reality in what people perceive. In regard to the video under scrutiny by Scott, the report considers a murder that took place in Lynwood, California where a father was advising the kids on how to get home and do their homework instead of horsing around. A car appeared, and the father got shot from the passenger sit of the approaching vehicle. Investigation kicked off, and the first suspect, Francisco Carrillo who lived in the neighborhood was to answer murder charges. According to the kids in the video by Scott, the person appearing in the photo looked similar to the person who had shot their father from the vehicle, which ironically was moving too fast to identify the people who were in the vehicle. The suspect underwent conviction and sentenced to life imprisonment, just because the kids had said that the person was the one who shot their father. In the investigation, no guns are in the area, the vehicle which the shooter uses to stretch his arm also goes missing. This also applies to the driver who drove the vehicle that was in use by the shooter. Discussion The reading according to Adler, Ronald, Lawrence, and Russell (42) is in a rhetorical condition whereby, the author uses rhetorical question to bring out the argument in the case. Some of the rhetorical questions include. so what is wrong? this question makes the reader continue reading and answer the question. This structure of using rhetorical questions is necessary to make sure that the reader can relate the events in the case. This is because a rhetorical question does not have an exact answer. rather the author uses the questions to help the reader perceive the seriousness. A question like Mr. Carrillo’s alibi? makes the reader what to know more about the person. The author does not answer the question. rather the author leaves the readers to answer for themselves. This writing style helps to send the message in the reading since the reader plays a significant role in filling the blanks left by the rhetorical questions. Apart from the use of rhetorical questions, there is the use of rhetorical figures such as Folsom Prison to explain the lock up situation of the suspected shooter since the evidence brought before the judge is not concrete enough to put the suspect to prison. Perception The perception is a process which affects the communication with others according to the reading. In the earlier introduction regarding to perception, there are two define classes, the first order and second order. Influence on perception Perception, which involves the selection, organization, interpretation and negotiation of information, is under the influence of many factors. Psychological influences in regard to the study works of Adler, Ronald, Lawrence, and Russell (41) arise from the physical environment and the difference of one’s body to that of another person. Interpersonal relationships arise from the differences in the way people receive sensory information. Developmental differences shape perceptions since age gives allowance for a vast scope and much experience. The relation