The Use of Persuasion Techniques

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Many news channels provided their analysis on the launch of air attacks on the Islamic state, while others positively hailed the Obama administration for stepping in and countering the terrorists. There were some media bodies that criticized the administration for stepping into a new war, not of America’s making in the first place. After the key city, Kobani was under ISIS control many media outlets openly ended up criticizing the government in the first place. The news channel manipulates the mind of many watchers and tries different tactics to persuade the audience to agree with them.

The ethos, pathos, and logos are tools used by the media and they play a vital role in making the audience agree with them. When talking about the three persuasion appeal methods, ethos is defined as the appeal made using moral ethics which are backed and based on the character, credibility or the reliability of an institution or the person who is trying to persuade. This means that the broadcaster is trying to use the method of moral ethics as a way to get the audience to agree with him. Pathos is defined as the technique of using emotions and trying to trigger the audience’s response by using appeals that arouse certain emotions in the audience and use the values and emotions as a way to get the results via emotional reasons. Finally, logos are defined as the appeal used that contains logic and reasons to get what you want. Using information and logical deductive reasoning as a way to make the audience agree with what you want. The is the use of pure logic based on the calculated facts and deductive measures of reasoning and persuasion (Weida &amp. Stolley 2013).

The three broadcasters in the news channel of CNN, ABC News, and Aljazeera have used different methods of persuasion to try to get the people to agree with them. All the& outlets analyzed hold a very credible spot in the world of reporting and are credible news channels.&nbsp.