The US Veterans with Cooccurring PTSD and Substance Abuse

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PTSD is always accompanied by substance and drug abuse which in turn lead to Substance Use Disorder (SUD). One ought to note that this problem is prevalent amongst military and civilian populations. In addition, it is worth noting that the problem occurs in equal proportions in both males and females in the civilian and military populations. The condition is common amongst veterans to an extent that three of every ten veterans suffering from PTSD have substance use disorder. This topic is therefore relevant to social work practice in the sense that military personnel suffering from PTSD have the right for medication or therapeutic interventions that would assist them in going through the trauma during and after the war.
The government of the United State has taken an initiative to ensure that the interests including healthcare interest are taken care of amicably. This, as a matter of fact, incorporates the interests of veterans with PTSD and SUD (Wheeler, 2014). It is only through this that the works done by these patriots can be appreciated and acknowledged by to only the government of the United States of America but its citizens at large. As an initiative to address the plights of veterans, the US government has created an entire department charged with the responsibility of taking care of the interest of veterans, both in the war fields and the retired ones. The US Department of Veterans Affairs has a number of responsibilities including ensuring that veterans with PTSD and SUD are assisted through therapeutic processes and medication. In addition, the department is aimed at sensitizing veterans to come out and disclose their conditions. It is only through this that they can be assisted (Wheeler, 2014).
The article that was compiled by the National Center for PTSD provides a comprehensive discussion on the importance of understanding co-occurring PTSD and SUD amongst veterans. It indicates that a number of casual ways of countering the effects of PTSD and SUD have been proposed including common susceptibility and self-medication.