The Urban Experience

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Please read the following selections in your coursepack: – Gilyard, Keith and Anissa Wardi. African American Literature. Chapter 7 Introduction McMillan, Terry. Excerpt from Mama Mosley, Walter. Excerpt from The Thief Steptoe, Lamont. “Seamstress.” Question: (150 words)As a counterpoint to the rural South, the urban experience is fundamental to African American literary expression. Discuss how the urban landscape in the literature differs from the writing about the Southern, more rural environment. Contrast the writings of Terry McMillan, Walter Mosley, and Lamont Steptoe with the writings of Frederick Douglass, Margaret Walker, and Zora Neale Hurston studied in Unit 3. Use direct evidence from this unit’s assigned reading selections to support your point of view.Answer two student (I will send you privately) each with 2-3 sentences23/04/202015english