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We will provide electricity to all the localities including industries, hospitals, parks, houses, etc. Our distribution would be as follows
Our mission is to provide customers the highest quality electrical services. our focus is on personalized services by offering convenient and rapid services. We have a strong vendor relationship with most service conscious vendors, capable of shipping major parts rapidly (overnight too) minimizing the system downtime for the premiere electric customers.
Iraq is an oil producing country situated in the Middle East, with a population of 28,945,657 (July 2009.est). the population growth rate is 2.507%. Its economy is mainly dominated by the oil sector, which provides 90% of foreign exchange earnings. Total government revenues have benefited from high oil prices in recent years. however, revenues have declined significantly since the oil price drop in fall 2008. Iraq is making some progress in building the institutions needed to implement economic policy. In March 2009 Iraq concluded a Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) with the IMF that details economic reforms. Its GDP per capita is $4000.
Present electric consumption is 39.88 billion kWh, electric production is 36.92 kWh. Electricity imports are 2.95 billion kWh. The exchange rates to US$ amount to 1,176 Iraqi Dinar NID per US$.
Nowadays the electric shortage in Iraq has become a problem and there are frequent blackouts. Due to the war, there is much loss done and many of the power generation cables have been cut down posing a problem for the people. It needs new industries to be set up in various areas to solve the problem. At present electricity is provided only 8 hours a day at free of charge. The energy needs of the Kurdish region have been ignored. it is working independently to electrical energy output through foreign assistance and private investment projects. The minister expects that by 2009 the region will produce enough energy to keep the lights on 24 hours a day.
Vision Statement
In 5 years it will become the major company generating electrical power to the country and establish its name in the whole of Middle East
Mission Statement
Earn people trust, be honest and lighten up Iraq.
Engineering plan
We will deal with generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power as well as electrical devices connected to the system including generator, motors, and transformers. Different forms of energies are converted to electrical energy. The transmission subsystem transmits the electricity to the load centers. The distribution subsystem continues to transmit the power to the customers.