The Town

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Critical Analysis of ‘The Town’ using the Genre Approach: Introduction: ‘The Town’ is an American crime drama. The film is directed, starred and also it is co-written by Ben Affleck. The movie is an adaption of the novel, Prince of Thieves written by Chuck Hogan. The movie was first released in America in the year 2010 by Warner Bros. The movie revolves around the criminal activities. It is a crime drama with action, suspense and thriller. The central theme of the movie revolves around a young guy who wants to quit the world of crime but during his last attempt he falls for a girl. The young guy now struggles between keeping his life away from crimes and his love-life. But, life has a lot to offer him for this deal. Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Hall have given outstanding performances with strong grip on dialogue delivery and with the perfect British-Irish accents. However, the film is categorized under the crime drama but Affleck has tried to put extra efforts to make this movie out of the crime culture (Roger Ebert).Analysis of the movie: This is another directorial attempt by Ben Affleck after his movie, Gone Baby Gone. The movie is inspired by another crime novel. The main theme of the movie revolves around the story of a young criminal guy who is so willing to change the entire scenario of his life but after the one last attempt of his job. Affleck has used the traditional Irish American touch to add the reality into a real Boston life. The movie is based on the novel by Chuck Hogan known as Prince of Thieves. The main theme of the movie moves around the neighborhood of Charlestown. The title of the movies explains a lot about the robbery being the ultimate fabric of the society there. The main character Doug MacRay which is played by Ben Affleck himself is a person who is involved in various criminal activities. James Coughlin is his partner in crime. who is smart enough to use his childhood friend Doug MacRay as a tool to achieve his meandrous goals. In the first scene of this thriller action-packed crime drama, Jem is shown beating a bank’s employee in a robbery attempt. During this robbery attempt, Jem takes a hostage. the branch manager named Claire whom he releases soon. However, realizing the fact that Claire won’t open her mouth in front of any FBI special Agent. Jem wants to make sure that she would keep her mouth close as long as Doug promises that he would take care of her. The scene lacks the basic approach to enhance the real thrill and action in the movie. The movie is derailed from the action thriller drama to somewhat romance-action drama that highlights the romance between Doug and Claire. As a director, Affleck has tried his level best to maintain the connection between romance and action. Firstly when he gets the hold on Claire in Laundromat, and secondly, when he tells her how to confront FBI agent, ‘you’re the one who is vulnerable’ and thirdly, in a scene at an outdoor café, when he is on a date with the girl and Jem interrupts his meeting. Dough is now caught between his childhood friendship with Jem and his new love. He holds the tendency of reformation from evil to good. The script moves more around sarcasm and provincialism and less around the basic theme of the drama. The entire structure of the movie is complicated for an average audience to understand. However, the tense thriller and action filled scenes are the heart of this movie. The director has tried to maintain its position as a thriller-action packed drama but the story lost its pace due to the light romantic touch which changed the entire theme of the movie and the director failed to keep a well-balanced grip on both the sides. However, we can understand that the ‘love-side’ of this movie has tried to infuse a different spark in the storyline. Conclusion: This movie is an American-action filled drama which is well-directed and scripted by Ben Affleck. The movie is an adaption of the novel, Prince of Thieves and it contains all the necessary elements present in the novel. This is an action-filled movie which holds the sparks of romance in it. The movie revolves around the criminal lifestyle of Charlestown, which is known for its high criminal activities. Love is the only thing that has come in the life of Doug which sweeps him away from the life of crimes. Every character in the movie has given an outstanding performance especially the performances given by Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Hall. The robbery and the crime scenes are the best part of the movies. However, Affleck has tried his level best to give an outstanding performance too, but his work as a director, actor and co-writer confused all his responsibilities and duties towards this movie (Roger Ebert).Work Cited:Affleck, B. The Town. (2010) Warner Bros. United StatesEbert, R. The Town. (2010). [Available Online] Accessed Online 6th May 2012