The Tokyo Sky Tree Review

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Task: The Tokyo Sky Tree Review The Tokyo sky tree, which is the world’s tallest building, was opened to the public on 22nd of May 2012. The tower measures 634 metres ahead of China’s Canton tower which measures 600 metres. It cost the state around $806 million to put up. It is located in Oshiage area of sumida ward in Tokyo and covers an area of 37,000 square metres. A number of people have visited the tower, and it will be used as a tourist attraction feature. It was completed on February 29thafter a period of around three years and a half. Its construction was done using highly sophisticated technological apparatus including those that would reinforce resistance against earthquakes. It is served by six of Japan’s fastest elevators. Four of the elevators can carry a maximum of 40 people and can move with a speed of 600m/sec.
The tower is equipped with a number of facilities which include the Tokyo Solamachi. This is a commercial facility that extends to about 400metres east to west with 312 shops and restaurants where one can enjoy quality catering services. It also consists of a Sumida aquarium which contains one of the most extensive indoor pools having several aquatic animals and a trunk extending out to the sea of Ogasawara islands. Another facility is the planetarium referred to as TENKU. This gives one an opportunity to travel around the skyandis made of reclining seats that give one the desired comfort.The security around the tower is enhanced by seventy-seven surveillance cameras with sixty-six of them being within a radius of 800 metres. To beef up security, a police post was established together with a crime control unit. The sky tree is expected to, therefore, boost the country’s income majorly through tourism.
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