The Things that Help Identify Oneself

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This is also a reflection of the present moment related both to the individual’s ups and downs, and the name itself may be referred to as a factor influencing the course of life. All the names have their explanations of meaning: for example, the most obvious case – the name Victor origins from the Latin word “victor” which semantically means “the winner”. It is quite possible to say that my own name has something, many things to say in terms of my identification and self-perception, the way I see myself.

Badr, the name which accompanies me in my life and with which I have already lived a quarter of a century, is not very widely spread among the men of our society today. It used to be the same when I was given this name. I can suggest that there are at least two reasons for my parents’ choice. Firstly, the end of the XX century was the time when, according to the information that I have learned (how else can I know it for sure if I was born then and could not do it physically?), people gave their children the names which were similar to be forgotten but which were widely used in the past and reminded the society of the previous fame, renowned compatriots and significant success of the nation. Secondly, and this reason is not less important than the above mentioned one, my parents were then, as well as they are now, keen on history and believe that it is every citizen’s duty to honor the famous achievements of the nation. Their favorite one is the battle of Badr, and there is no need to introduce this historically important and really breaking event for it has already been done by its effect on the Arabic world.

The sound and spelling of this name redirect its perceiver to the Quran from which texts this name has reached the society and has been introduced into not very wide use. The real childhood story of my life, however,&nbsp.shows very few similarities to what is written in the religious texts about the character under this name and the religious topic at all.