The theme is love without boundaries from a book called love in the time of cholera

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The love of Florentino is roused at the outset. When it begins, he is satisfied to wait for her to walk by in the park. That alone makes his heart leap. But as his love becomes more intense and irrepressible, he shifts from the flaccid act of glancing to a more assertive technique, which is through letters. To reveal his passionate love for her, Florentino writes a very long love letter for Fermina. Hence begins a love affair of immense power. It is in fact the letter exchanges, and not the physical interactions, that strengthen their love beyond measure. Indeed, they are only able to talk a few times. three times, to be exact. It would be five decades after their last conversation will their paths cross again. Their letters are all they have to remind them of each other. But the father of Fermina strives to persuade her that love at a very young age is not real, and merely childish. Yet, Fermina does not waver in her love for Florentino and remains hopeful that someday they will meet again. In anguish, after having a word with Florentino, who obstinately refuses to surrender, Fermina’s father comes to a decision to make her daughter forget Florentino by separating them, taking his daughter to the place where they originally came from. Ironically, even though their communication through letters does not cease while she is in a faraway place, a love that appeared undying collapses when she, once more, crosses paths with him. Fermina simply pleads to Florentino to ‘forget it’ (Marquez 115). The ultimate depiction of love is presented in the narrative’s final chapter. Both Fermina and Florentino have aged a lot. At this moment Florentino feels he should reconnect with Fermina and reignite the young love between them. Hence, on the day of the burial of Fermina’s husband, Florentino utters once more his promise of eternal love, but again Fermina turns him down. Even though they are now elderly lovers, their capacity to cope with love appears untouched. Once more, the way of reconciling their past and expressing their feelings for each other is communication through letters. However, it is Fermina who sends a letter first, a letter filled with mockery and resentment. Afterward, Florentino sends hundreds of letters to Fermina. He begins writing weekly until, eventually, every day. But he does not receive any response from Fermina. Still, Fermina compiles his letters and reads them often for comfort and to ponder about Florentino’s feelings. Florentino, uninvited, goes to the memorial mass on the first death anniversary of Fermina’s husband. This is his opportunity to have a conversation with Fermina again. She civilly welcomes him. Several weeks afterward Florentino visits her. Even though he is unwelcomed and unexpected, Fermina entertains him, all the same. After this, their meetings become as often and encouraging as the letters, and they become really close friends. The son of Fermina supports their relationship, but her daughter, Ofelia resents it. Ofelia stubbornly contests, declaring that their love is revolting (Marquez 323) because of their old age. However, Fermina remains steadfast in his love for Florentino. She even agrees to come with Florentino on a riverboat tour. After a long wait, the couple’