The Supply Chain Risks of Global Sourcing A Focus on the Environment and Infrastructure

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It should be kept in mind here that this is a symbiotic relationship, benefiting both the parties on a consistent basis. It has also been seen that the developed nations are more than happy to outsource their work and set up offshore avenues in order to earn revenues and make the most out of their business. However the litigations that are in place with regards to setting up these industries is something that needs to be delved into by them in detail and we, as students of the same, will try our best at understanding the whole ball game.Global sourcing is a phenomenon which is on the rise with the passage of time. It is also known as ‘outsourcing’ as it looks to cover the weak areas of a business, enterprise or a country for that matter in another’s area of strength, manpower abundance, and availability of proper resources. However all this requires sound planning and immediate provision of funds which will not only benefit the two parties but also the major (and minor) stakeholders, the employees working at the sites and above all the whole society who is about to go on a radical shift in their fortunes.To start with, outsourcing is defined as the amalgamation of the required skill set from a number of different areas with the eventual aim of benefiting the people in a number of ways by providing them what they really need as well as provide back to the organization and at times the country as well. Outsourcing of late has come out as something that is becoming a trend and this is an important issue to surface in recent times. It has also hit the presidential elections in the United States. With outsourcing comes a responsibility as well. The companies need to understand their duties towards all the relevant stakeholders as well as the employees. More than that, it needs to dispel all forms of negative notions which are related to the issue of outsourcing.