The Superman and the Misunderstanding of the Message

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Part 3 of Prologue in Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra offers an insight into the concept of Superman and the ways individuals can achieve the highest state of spiritual being. Actually, Superman is the highest state of each person’s being and the only way individuals can combat nihilism which dominates their society: The Superman is the meaning of the earth. Let you will say: The Superman shall be the meaning of the earth! (Nietzsche). Those, who are unable to grasp the meaning of the Superman and are not willing to lead themselves to the spiritual self-awareness and revival, are bound to spend their lives surrounded by disguise and blasphemy. Superman is something that can help people to look beyond their bodily urges and concerns. Superman can help society to look contemptuously on their bodies from the viewpoint of a supreme thing (Nietzsche). Superman will work to reduce the poverty and pollution of the society’s spirit and soul and justify the happiness of its existence.
It is interesting to see, that in his explanation of the Superman concept, Nietzsche (or Zarathustra) refers to the concept of evolution and Darwin’s theory. Zarathustra uses Darwin’s concept of evolution, to illustrate the point of Superman and to show the best way toward the ultimate point of happiness and self-fulfillment.nbsp.