The Success of Highly Qualified Engineers

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61500 Liverpool John Moores University offers 4 years studying with foundation in order to graduate Civil Engineering as same as Northumbria University also both of them doesn’t have any optional modules to study like learning new language or taking a subject that isn’t relevant to the course, both them offers sandwich year which is taking break one year between second year and third year which is working for a whole year to a corporate or to a company and then go back to university and continue studying, also in comparing between these two university both of them offers part-time study which is taking less subject than the full-time study and also they will take much longer time to graduate depending on their effort and taking more subjects, both of the universities are accredited by institution of Structural Engineers it is a professional body for structural engineering based in the United Kingdom. It has 27,000 members in 105 countries. The Institution provides professional accreditation for structural engineers. Although the universities have some similarities they also have differences such as Northumbria University has more modules than LJMU as Northumbria has 7 modules and LJMU has 5 modules in each year, both of them have different name of the modules but some of them are the same, LJMU focuses more on Structural analysis and design than Northumbria, LJMU has more overall satisfaction than Northumbria University which is taken from a trusted website which is Unistats LJMU has 88% overall satisfaction and Northumbria University has 71%. Professor Hassan Al Nageim who is a lecturer at LJMU is well equipped and experienced in the field of engineering. He has 22 years experience at LJMU practicing civil engineering. This makes him a very resourceful person as far as the practice of civil engineering is concerned. Professor Hassan Al Nageim is an experienced professor of Structural Engineering and has worked as a Senior consultant engineer for quite a number of years.