The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing

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61500 This should be made possible by ensuring that the prices offered by all the dealers are equal through auditing process (Kourdi, 2009). The company needs to make a thorough auditing of all the dealers to ensure that none of them sells the product either above or below the recommended company price of $12, 000. Customers must be made to understand that they can only get good after-sale support services from the local dealers and not the distant dealers. The dealers may be connected to a digital sale receipt program that allows them to enter sales records and prices offered on the product. The same information should be reflected on the receipt given to the customer (Frasco, 1991). The company’s technical team must also follow up with the program to ensure that fabrication of data is made impossible. Steve Marsh can adopt rebranding of the PSX-360 product. The rebranding of the commodity entails a number of aspects. As it can be revealed that the external dealers are the main cause of deteriorating sales to Steve’s organization. The audio industry in which Pro-Audio operates seems to be taking the structure of a monopolistic competition where there are several numbers of sellers who are competing on same commodity or service. In this case, there are both first and second movers in quantity and price. All dealers have been identified to enjoy benefits of second movers (Gopalakrishnan, 2007). They have adopted high discounting techniques that have led to deteriorating sales in Pro-Audio. Consequently, the external dealers have led to the deterioration of the PSX-360 image within the market. Product rebranding entails changing on the products attributes such as color, name, adding aspects of the PSX-360 functionality, logo, advertisement themes and strategy that its marketers use in selling the product (Gopalakrishnan, 2007).&nbsp.