The Strain Theory by Robert Merton

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Through the structures that individual is able to change the characteristics due to the fact that there will be no regulation or the regulation that is available is inadequate (Agnew, 2006). The inadequate restriction or lack of restriction makes the individual carry out the activities with the will. The process will result in the emergence of crime.In the individual perspective, the crime comes when the individual in the social experience the pains and struggles to satisfy the needs that are always unlimited (Agnew, 2006). The crime comes about when there is no significance in the process of society in the satisfaction of the individual wants.Robert Dubin understanding of the society association with crime is based on deviance. Deviance as a functional aspect of the society disputes the assumptions that are made that the adaptations that are made to the processes of the society are harmful to society. The example that was given by the sociologist is that when the individual is adapting to the changes in the society there is still the need to change with the consideration of the rules in the society. There we as a view that the deviance mainly lies in the neglecting of the cultural goals that are recommended (Lilly, Cullen and Ball, 1989). The main reason for the cause of the crime in the society is due to the lack of the distinction between the institutional norms that are the individuals are expected to have since in most of the cases the individuals perceive norms differently, the cultural goals of the society and the institutional means that are required. The norms are interpreted differently with the actions that they take on them being different than the expected from them leading to the committing of the crimes (Lilly, Cullen and Ball, 1989).