The Sting of Opium

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Knowing that the master received a lot of money for his skill and the drug he illegally sells, the writer expected a man well-dressed in some fancy clothes, well fed and has respectable looks. However, when the author finally met the master, he observed that he was skinny and very poorly dressed. He did not seem to be rich at all, with his house in a similarly poor state. When he witnessed how the master indulged in opium like a hungry pig, the writer noted that in such a situation, the one who probably suffers more of the consequences of the opium production and use of the master is his wife who looked skinnier. Indeed, there is nothing good that opium brings. Even the rich opium master has been stripped of his wealth and pride, the luxuries money can bring him as well as the family that became victims themselves. This is the reason why it is not legal and leaders around the globe have been wise enough not to make the drug easily available. Nevertheless, much has yet to be done in order to minimize or even eradicate the production and use of the said drug.