The Souls of Black Folk by W E B Du Bois

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The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du BoisThe book, ‘The Souls of Black Folk’ is written by W.E.B Du Bois. All through the book, he explains his experience and that of other Africa-Americans in a period where racial divide was inevitable. Du Bois explains the challenges that the blacks in America experienced. Lack of the right to vote, access to education and equal treatment are some of the main challenges that Du Bois brings to light. The main theme of the book is racial discrimination, and each of the stories explains it in different perspectives and diverse experiences. Du Bois reveals the extent of hatred shown to the blacks and the magnitude of power they used to resist it. He displays the struggle of the American civil rights and its benefits after the black Americans passionate fight. He also suggests solutions to the problems faced by the African Americans.Du Bois says that the political situation in the southern region contribute to the suffering of the black Americans. The courts were mismanaged, biased and did not favor the blacks. He says that the Freedmen’s bureau failed in its role of reconstructing the broken society. He gives credit to Booker T Washington for having achieved a lot as a spokesman for the black race. However, he also criticizes the idea of Washington to accept segregation and he claims that it contributed to the blacks being submissive to the whites (Du Bois 24). Du Bois claims that segregation led to the African Americans losing their right to vote and thus losing their civil status. It in turn led to the blacks having difficulties in accessing institutions of higher learning.Du Bois notes that the system of education that the blacks are taught using makes them more oriented to making money. According to Dubois arguments, the system of education should create a balance between low training and human culture. The African Americans enjoy little economic success. The current legal system does not the Africans from slavery. Their needs are not addressed and hence they cannot grow economically. The tenant system has been upheld and according to Dubois, it has little difference to slavery. Moreover he notes that the current ‘slavery’ reduces the morality in the African American societies.Dubois says that the economy of America in general has improved since new industries have been created. However, this has not been reflected in the black societies. The living conditions of the blacks are still poor and more similar to those during the slavery years (Du Bois 38). He claims that racial discrimination has led to a big difference in physical dwelling and economic status between the blacks and the whites.Du Bois says that the church has also caused the sad state of the blacks since it doesn’t give the lacks a platform to express their difficulties. He narrates the story of Alexander Crummell, who was denied an opportunity to be a priest since he was black (Du Bois 86). He describes his emotions after losing his son and says that it was caused by racism.The writer proposes solutions to the Africa American problems depending on the issue he is addressing in various chapters. He proposes that the blacks should be given equal chances in education so that they can free themselves from slavery. There should be a state of civil equality in that the blacks have the right to vote. Both civil equality and equal education opportunities will help the African American overcome challenges and stereotypes. He says that the African American colleges should focus on training the ‘talented tenth’ that will create a liaison to improving race relations.Works CitedDu, Bois W. E. B.The Souls of Black Folk. Rockville, Md: Arc Manor, 2008. Print.