The SOPA and PIPA Act

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The piracy of movies and their exact replicas being sold for nominal prices without any copyright are the most major problems the freeness of data has bought up. For a long time media companies have tried to fight piracy by either suing individual users or getting their web portals shut under the influence of government led campaigns. However none of the stated actions were comprehensive enough to stop users from accessing those websites are for not letting those websites run from newer portals. As a way to curb the problem of internet piracy SOPA and PIPA were introduced. These were two separate bills that were introduced in ten House of Representatives and the U S Senate respectively. Both the proposed bills were aimed at targeting foreign websites that illegally misused content of other websites’ copyrighted material. They were concerned not only with copyrighted issues of media but with those of medication and some other goods. However, the bills were going to affect not only the targeted audience but were aiming at normal internet users as well. They were technically targeting to remove the business connections of any sites that were defying copyright laws or were facilitating such defiance. These bills also suggested that the search engine links to such sites and payment processing of all such sites be blocked via legal influence. However, due to the broad spectrum of the bills many of the legitimately running sites were also at stake. Moreover, the freewill of the general user was also uselessly coming to stake under the boundaries of the proposed bills. The stance at present is to oppose the promulgation of laws that would restrict the access of information to common internet and still not prove to be fully capable of curbing the copyright issue it is supposed to restrict. For study into the matter a number of sources were consulted over the internet and their views are also being narrated in the lines that follow. FIRST SOURCE: The First post under consideration s one from the ‘Huffington post’ January 18th issue. Titled as SOPA Showdown: What’s next in the Battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley? The article is an overview of the issues related to the bills Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA and Protect IP Act PIPA and the alternates that they may have in the current scenario. The author emphasizes that there exists a tension between the world of media and those who call the digital world of the World Wide Web as their own. He narrates that it is about time that the media people should stop fighting those illegitimately using their content and should intelligently tackle them by befriending them instead. This is more likely to help the issue of online piracy. The author narrates how SOPA and PIPA are relatively strict acts and they may curb the freedom of expression on the World Wide Web which was initially targeted as its major use. The proposed bills received far reaching opposition from not only internet firms but also from individuals. As a result the bills have been curbed for now. Instead, a relatively less strict bill Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Act (OPEN) is being promulgated nowadays. Experts strictly suggest that instead of legislation a point of agreement among the two parties that have their interests involved would serve better for the protection and prevailing of privacy and culmination of piracy. The article is