The song Its Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel (2 53)

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The Song: It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel (2:53) It is still Rock and Roll to Me is a popular song sang by Billy Joel and emerged from United States. This music has started in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The song was sung in a deep instrument lead of piano and saxophone, drum beats, and an electric bass guitar and electric piano. In the beginning of the song, a drum beat is heard. The beat used is a blues rhythm that has been accentuated with a backbeat. The beats tend to pulse of the song. The latter is provided by a snare drum. The song is introduced with a deep male vocal sound that submits to the rhythm of the instruments. The drum kit is followed with two electric guitars (one lead and rhythm), a vocal string bass produced by an electric bass guitar is also heard. They keep the tempo of the song. The settings f the song surrounds a flaccid-sounding electric grand of guitar and piano that Joel plays. Dynamic changes have been entailed in the song. Down the course of the song, a new drum beat and unique piano and electric guitar style is introduced. It is heavily influenced with a male vocal song (Whitburn 18). This part acts as a bridge of the song because it tends to introduce a new song. The mood of the song sounds like that of an advice. The artist seems to be warning or giving out a watch out call. The author tried to attack the press that attempted to bring him down. The music was characterized with an initial backbeat. In my own opinion, the song is pretty flawless for an individual with a down syndrome of being very nervous.
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